Hi and thanks for visiting my site!
This is the online home of what I get up to as a freelance presenter,

covering broadcast television, corporate presenting,
live event hosting, voice overs and much more.

I have been working as a TV and corporate presenter since 2002 after leaving the world of secondary school PE teaching and building a former CV and career that was filled with teaching, leading and coaching.

Currently amongst other jobs, I present the TV coverage of the P1 Superstock powerboat championship and Aqua-X jetski championship here in the UK and their sister championships in Florida. I also travel back and forth to the USA to host the CBS Sports Network coverage the Super Karts USA Pro Tour.

One thing that has been constant throughout my life is my love of skiing and when I’m not working at home here in the UK, I am usually away for a number of weeks over the winter getting my fix of snow and sliding downhill.

I am a BASI qualified Alpine ski instructor and have previously spent winters in France, Switzerland and Italy, although  most of the skiing I do now is for myself either with friends or industry contacts.

If you have a television project or job coming up that you think I can help you with or something we can work on together then I would love to hear from you.

Whether its presenting a new travel, sports or DIY programme, leading a group of kids or adults, or hosting a black tie awards do in front of an audience of 1000 then I have the experience and enthusiasm to help you.

Have a great day and hope to speak to you soon – Kev.


Since 2002 I have built a wide experience of live and prerecorded broadcast television in both the studio and on location, for terrestrial and satellite broadcasters.

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Presenting for corporate clients both large and small, for in house and external corporate videos, awards ceremonies and at public and client facing events.

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Large scale and public facing live event hosting can be one of the most nerve wracking and yet fun experiences...and its something I've done many times! .

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  • Kevin’s just done a video shoot for us in Cyprus and to say we were impressed would be a large understatement! He was a pleasure to work with and brought a real professional manner to the production. On top of all this his learning of difficult names, lines & whole paragraphs of script was extraordinary in the least. His learning of the material ( the client wouldn’t pay for Autocue!) meant that we kept to schedule with a minimum amount of re-takes.
 Quite honestly, without Kevin it wouldn’t have happened.

 I’m loathe to sell his skills to other production companies because I fear he wouldn’t be available for us, next time we come back to book him!

    2007 / Paul Francis / Picture Coverage Productions /

  • A ‘one take’ wonder Kevin was an absolute joy to work with. Team player doesn’t begin to describe him, no sides, no airs, no graces just a really great work ethic.

    Really ‘gets it’ and as a result knows that time is of the essence and doesn’t waste a minute of it.

    2011 / Charles Balchin / IMG Media /

  • Kevin has been a joy to work with. He is always on time, ready, prepared and is professional at all times.

    2013 / Eugene Bari / Offshore International /

  • We produce an online learning product designed to teach businesses the fundamentals of Digital Marketing.  The topic is complicated and full of specific terminology and so its very important that whoever delivers this is seen to be credible. Kev has an amazing talent for absorbing complex information and delivering it to camera in a way that is clear and easy to understand and makes the learner feel like they're in the hands of a real expert. When it comes to handling the trickier topics, Kev is our "go to" presenter as he always gets it 100% right first time.


    2014 / Jonny Townsend / Circus Street /

  • Kevin Harris is an extremely talented presenter, probably TV’s best kept secret and why he hasn’t been snapped up by BBC or ITV is beyond me.  But whilst he is still available to us, we will use him as often as possible.  The reason being; he is one of very few presenters who understands the entire production process, is a team player, thinks on his feet and is great with words.  He is a joy to work with, easy going and helpful, but also a professional hard-working perfectionist.  I would not hesitate to recommend him for any kind of presenting work as he is versatile, does his research and is great in both a live and post produced environment.

    2016 / Lauren Roberts / Greenlight Television /