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Since I first started presenting in 2002, I have built a wide range of experience working as a corporate presenter, facilitator and live event host.

Television presenter Kevin Harris, hosting the, Healthcare at Home, Vision 2020 conference.

Corporate presenting can take many forms, and I have relevant experience of most:

  • Studio filming with or without using autocue

  • Green screen filming in a virtual environment

  • Location filming having to learn, ‘pieces to camera’

  • Business and public training films and commercials

  • Evening awards diners and event hosting

  • Business conference facilitator

  • Arena sized events at family fun days

  • ‘As live’ big screen broadcasts at race circuits and similar events

  • On stage introducing music acts at festivals

Presenting to corporate clients both large and small, for in house and external corporate videos, evening functions, awards ceremonies and at large scale, arena sized public facing events.

Question: So why use a professional presenter?

Answer: Because you get one chance to make a first impression.

If you are delivering a new concept, idea, sales proposition or message to your client base or staff, then it pays to have this delivered well and with the energy, excitement and correct tone to make the message meaningful.  This is where an experienced corporate presenter can give you the edge.

I have spoken to many corporate clients who have asked me, “how do you manage to make it sound so interesting?” 

Well, I can honestly say I find learning about other peoples industries jobs both interesting and at times humbling and so any intonation of interest is real.

And in addition, a professional, corporate presenter should be experienced and skilled in delivering content to an audience in such a way that it will be interesting, regardless of the topic

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